Beige cellulose sponge - 8'' x 5'' x 2'' - 30/box


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Beige cellulose sponge - 8'' x 5'' x 2'' - 30/box

Beige cellulose sponge of superior quality, durable and extra resistant.
This cellulose sponge absorbs 10x more liquid than a standard sponge.

Resistant to acids and chemicals
Highly absorbent
Highly absorbent and all-purpose, it is perfect for :

Clean and apply grout
Spreading the glue
Smoothing the cement
Clean the walls, the floors...
For greater durability, always rinse well before and after each use.
Do not use bleach.

Format: 8″ x 5 x2″
Quantity: 30/bte
Box size: Approx. 18″ x 12″ x 12″ (45.75cm x30.5cm x30.5cm)

Further information

Weight .099 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 12.7 × 5.08 cm


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